press play for Soundscape by @cabeabel

Photo-collage  on  aquarelle paper
Edition of 3, 70x100 cm
Price: 16.500kr
Photo-collage of light-paintings on metal
Edition of 5
price: 17.500 kr

shamanic outlaw
Edition of 5
Photo-collage of light-paintings on metal, 70x100cm
price: 17.500 kr
Follow the link to absolut art below for more information

Digital art  on paper
Edition of 1, 70x100 cm
Price: 12.500kr
Digital art/PHOTO-COLLAGE on aquarelle paper
Edition of 1, 50x70cm
Price: 12.500kr
Block guy
Framed art print on aquarelle paper
 Edition of 5, 50x70cm
Price: 8.500kr
zen heart
art print on aquarelle paper
 Edition of 5, 60x100 cm
Price: 16.500kr
warhol C-pop
Framed 50x70cm art print on aquarelle paper
 Edition of 1 
Price: 16.500kr
the process

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